Stuck at Home, Sourdough Craze Sweeping Home Bakers

With time on our hands, people are jumping on the baking bandwagon, and the growing trend is sourdough bread.

People are learning they can skip the store and make it right in their own kitchen.

Sourdough bread dates back thousands of years.

Centuries ago, people cultivated sourdough starters in their kitchens. Now, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing a resurgence.

“I feel like everyone’s trying to do it at home,” Francois said.

The sourdough starter takes few ingredients; water and flour. But it also takes dedication and time to cultivate.

Watching a sourdough starter grow is the perfect science experiment for kids at home. They can feed it routinely and watch it grow over a week’s time.

She’s perfected her sourdough loaf and is not surprised to see others getting started.

“It’s the perfect thing for kids to get involved with. It’s messy and sticky and exciting,” she said, “You have to feed it, take care of it, have it in the right environment. It’s almost like a child, in a sense.”

It’s a hobby both Francois and Cross agree is well worth it.

“Getting bread you’ve made from scratch, how rewarding is that,” Francois said.

Park City Culinary Institute will be offering sourdough classes over Zoom. They will start next week. Francois will teach you the basics, from cultivating a starter to baking your first loaf of bread.