Restaurant owner optimistic about possibility of lifting dine-in restrictions

One of the hardest-hit industries during this pandemic might soon be one of the first to reopen.

If things keep progressing on their current course, Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen and other restaurants might reopen to dine-in customers in the beginning of May.

“I think it’s great,” said Pulp owner Thomas Kreitlow.

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Dining out is a social activity, so doing so with social distancing could be tricky at first, and for owners like Kreitlow, that means things could be a little different.

“Where we look at ways to navigate traffic into safe eating areas, and we’ll take apart some of our tables so that we’ve spaced them appropriately for social distancing,” Kreitlow said.

The state’s Utah Leads Together 2.0 plan has industry specific best practices. For restaurants, they are centered around disinfecting and social distancing. Kreitlow says he has additional plans.

“I think we’ll go to disposables, eco-friendly disposables, so there’s not the possibility of transmitting the virus through dirty dishes,” he said.

Kreitlow hopes to rehire all of the staff he’s had to temporarily lay off. The pandemic has also taught him to be more lean in his business dealings, but he’s optimistic.